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The MINIBOOSTER 5U is a small, light 2-component injection pump of stainless steel with external flushing fluid pump for the procession of acrylate gels. The conveyance of the material components (A and B component) is implemented by means of a compressed air motor, which drives both material pistons. This
results in a forced pumping capacity of 1:1.
The external flushing pump ( for the pumping of water as the flushing agent) is used for the cleaning of the compression head, the injection whip and the packer. In this way, acrylate gels with very low potlife can also be processed reliably.

pump                                        333453       1 piece

inclusive high-pressure hose / compression head


pump for rental                       333017       day

additional costs incurred for rent:

cleaning fee                             333055

The cleaning fee accomplish the following service; primary cleaning, cleaning, disassemble, verification and maintenance of the Injectionpump.


Necessary repairs due to wrong operation or in case of heavy damage will be charged additional.