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Injection hose consisting of a slightly-foamed PVC (PVC = polyvinyl chloride) with ribbed surface for better locking into concrete,

  • for sealing construction joints in reinforced concrete structures
  • suitable for grouting with microfine cement, acrylate gel and polyurethane resin
  • can be multiple injected with microfine cement and acrylate gel

Inner-Ø   6 mm                      335205    100 m roll  
Inner-Ø 10 mm                      357655    100 m roll



Technical data     
profile: round and outside ribbed
colour: blue
material base: slightly-foamed PVC
outer-Ø: 13 / 16mm
inner-Ø: 6 /10 mm




hose for bleeding air from injection hoses

screw-in connection

Protective box


for closing airbleed hoses

  • for hose inner ø 6 mm
  • for hose inner ø 10 mm

Shutter connectors and cover caps

Extension pipe

M 8, Length 35mm, for shutter connectors for cement injection

Plastic clips

for fixing


Metal clips

for fixing

Punsh dowel for metal clamp

with hole diameter of 6,1 mm

Fixing clamp

for fixing injection hoses on metal water stops.


to fix injectionhoses like MEDIPRESS, VPRESS and ECOPRESS to PVC water stops

Recommended grout

Injection hoses for sealing of biogas plants