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AQUA TACKSEAL® box profile

Water-swelling profile of semi-vulcanized Butyl rubber.

For the sealing of joints in:

· Pre cast rings

· Manholes,

· Light wells,

· Pipe passages

· Canals and gutters.

Main advantage: used with low thickness component about 5 cm, puttylike flexible



Typ ATS 1212: 12 x 12 mm     335108         20 x 3,25 m   

Sealing of shaft rings

The main use of AQUA TACKSEAL® PE is the sealing of shaft rings against in-situ groundwater. Shaft rings can be sealed using both sockets and rebates. AQUA TACKSEAL® functions on one hand like conventional sliding ring seals through compression, and on the other hand creates additional sealing through adhesion and expansion pressure.

Sealing of shaft rings

AQUA TACKSEAL assimilates automatically to the shape of construction.