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HDA Band

Technical Data *     
Shore A hardness: (DIN 53505) 78 ± 5° 

elongation at break: (DIN EN ISO 527-2) ≥ 275%

tensile strength: (DIN EN ISO 527-2) ≥ 10 N/mm²


PVC-P "NB" is not bitumen compatible.



Waterstop welded parts

1 - flat cross
2 - flat "T"
3 - flat corner
4 - vertical cross
5 - vertical "T"
6 - vertical corner

7 - vertical cross
8 - vertical "T"
9 - vertical corner
10 - flat corner, cover plate internal
11 - flat corner, cover plate external

12 - mirror edge
13 - angled edge

  • The standard special part length is 0,50 m (measured ont he axis), other lengths possible under request.
  • Specific taylor-made shapes can be designed and executed under request.
  • Combined welded special parts are possible under request.
  • It is recommended to limit the special pieces to a maximum of 25m length due to dimensional reasons. Longer elements are not guaranteed to maintain their dimensional precision. Special welded elements and systems are custom made and after completion cannot be taken back.

waterstop clamps

welding tools

· 125 Watt
· 250 Watt
· 300 Watt

heat gun

PVC melting band

based on highly elastic PVC-P

* BV-quality (bitumen compatible) waterstops in most cases have different (higher) elongation at break. This type is not standard, only available under request. The single pictures of the waterstops are indicative of the listed profiles and serve only as illustrative examples. The correct application depends on the local conditions, therefore no guarantee can be given. All data and specifications are based on the present state of the art and the right to changes and adaptations for the sake of development remains explicitly reserved.