Concrete restoration and protection

TPH offers in this context a range of special products. Coating materials with outstanding crack-bridging properties in combination with high mechanical and abrasion resistance were developed and are used in sealing and restoration works of multi-storey parking lots.

PC mortars (PC = Polymer Concrete) are understood to be products, which consist of mineral aggregates and reaction resins. Compaed to PCC mortars (PCC = Polymer Cement Concrete), in which cement acts as a bonding agent and the polymer plastic additives only cause property improvement, plastic components are the only binding material in PC mortars.

Our PCC mortar system consist of primer, corrosion protection, mortars of different grain size as well as evaporation protection and surface defense agent.

Profound building protection from inside.

At places where is has to be worked dust free or on high hygienic level it is indispensable to install a synthetic coating onto the concrete surface. Polyurethane based systems have the advantage to be crack bridging and seamless.

FIX-O-FLEX joint sealing systems are 1-component polymer coatings based on SPO (SPO = silane terminated polypropylenoxide) with special chemical and physical properties.

Bituminous surfacing are for many years integral part of customary structural waterproofing.
Modern products, which are appropriate for application against ground damp and pressing water.
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