PC mortar

PC mortars (PC = Polymer Concrete) are understood to be products, which consist of mineral aggregates and reaction resins. Compaed to PCC mortars (PCC = Polymer Cement Concrete), in which cement acts as a bonding agent and the polymer plastic additives only cause property improvement, plastic components are the only binding material in PC mortars.

Mortars, which belong to the HYDROPOX group are 2-component systems with different grain sizes using epoxy resin as a bonding agent. Differentiation is made between the types G = coarse, F = fine and SF = superfine depending on the largest grain size in the aggregate used.

In contrast to conventional PC mortars, which are used in large quantities in road construction for the profiling of road bases, bridge structures etc, HYDROPOX mortars can also be used on moist as well as wet surfaces due to their special bonding agent formulation.

  • Fast reacting system available
  • Also available as rigid or flexible compound
  • Specific properties and colors taylor-made under request

Recommended systems


  • For application also on moist substrates


2-component reaction resin based on epoxy for priming concrete surfaces


Flexible 2-component reaction resin based on epoxy

  • Flexible EP resin for crack formation jeopardized areas


Very low viscous EP resin for: for imbuing, filling and injection of cracks

  • Very low viscous for imbuing, filling and priming

PC mortar

  • Easy to mix
  • Very high compressive strength


PC coarse mortar based on epoxy resin

  • max. grain size: 1.2mm
  • for reprofiling concrete


PC fine mortar based on epoxy resin

  • max. grain size: 0.7mm
  • for reprofiling concrete


PC superfine mortar based on epoxy resin

  • max. grain size: 0.3mm
  • for reprofiling concrete


Flexible PC fine mortar based on epoxy resin

  • max. grain size: 0.7mm
  • For bridges or other dynamically burdened places

PC fine concrete filler

  • Without use of primer


2-component universal adhesive based on Epoxy

  • Also useful for humid or wet surfaces


For processing of HYDROPOX mortars the concrete surface has to be primed with HYDROPOX EPG or HYDROPOX FLEX EPG. The mortars are applied “fresh-in-fresh” onto the primer.

HYDROPOX mortars are supplied in combined pails, which contain already A and B component in the right proportion. For mixing of the material, the liquid B-component has to be emptied fully into the solid A-component and stirred thoroughly resulting in a homogenous mixture.

Reprofiling concrete

Audi parking garage, Ingolstadt (D)

Manhole cover sealing

Manhole cover sealing with HYDROPOX FLEX F, BBI Airport, Berlin

Surface solidification

Surface solidification, Building materials factory Huthmann, Ingolstadt (D)

for dynamically burdened places

Flexible PC mortar for bridges or other dynamically burdened places