Handy, powerful, mobile and universally applicable

The TPH AKKUINJEKTOR 1500-2K-MV11 is a battery-operated dispenser for the use of double-chamber cartridges with 2 x 750 millilitres content. With a single cartridge charge, you can apply a whole 1.5 litres of two-component injection material in a ratio of 1:1 within just one minute.

The powerful and handy device is suitable for the uncomplicated and quick treatment of individual defects or areas for which the use of a full injection unit is uneconomical.
Examples of this are backfilling processes where low injection pressures are sufficient, such as sealing work in shafts, local leaks in a sheet pile wall, small hollow areas and gaps in masonry, resealings on pipe penetrations and many other particularly mobile applications.

Depending on the material used, up to 30 double-chamber cartridges can be processed with a single battery charge; two batteries and a quick charger are included, so that no unnecessary delays need occur on the construction site.

  • mixing ratio 1:1
  • adjustable output speed up to appx. 1,5l /min.
  • max. discharge pressure 6 bar


  • 1 x AKKUINJEKTOR 1500-2K-MV11
  • 2 x 20 V lithium ion battery
  • 1 x charger (100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz)
  • 1 x transport case

Introduction and application demonstration video:

Practical use in the field:

Technical Data
Cartridge size1500 ml
max. discharge pressure up to 6 bar
flow rate (continuously asjustable)up to 1500 ml/min
weight~ 4,3 kg (with empty cartridge))
range of fully charged batteryapprox. 30 double cartridges à 1500 ml each (depending on material)
Li-Ion rechargable battery20 V, 2,0 Ah
battery charger100 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
max. applicable quantity per double cartridge
1500 ml (2 comp. à 750 ml each)


Quadromixer F-connector

  • Quadromixer MFQ 08-32D 1:1
  • F-connector
  • green elements
  • white, straight nozzle

Lamella impact packer

  • Ø: 18 mm, l: 115 mm
  • with internal check valve
  • bore diameter 5.8 mm
  • connection for Quadromixer-F

Lamella impact packer

  • Ø: 14 mm, l: 95 mm
  • with internal check valve
  • bore diameter 3.9 mm
  • connection for Quadromixer-F

Universal adhesive packer

  • Ø 50 mm, h: 58 mm
  • cross slide valve
  • Bore diameter 7 mm
  • connection for Quadromixer-F