1-component injection resin based on polyurethane

  • For stopping running water
  • By catalyst addition adjustable reaction time
  • For filling of cavities (<1m3)
  • For sealing and solidifying of soil and gravel
Material Properties
Processing temperature5 – 40°C (substrate temperature)
Dyn. viscosity (23°C) ~ 230 mPas (DIN EN ISO 2555)
Reaction data at 23°C
Cream time, Start of foaming
without Cat. 0:20 min (ASTM D7487)
with 5% Cat. 0:10 min (ASTM D7487)
with 10% Cat. 0:07 min (ASTM D7487)
Free rise time, End of foaming
without Cat. 2:10 min (ASTM D7487)
with 5% Cat. 0:45 min (ASTM D7487)
with 10% Cat. 0:25 min (ASTM D7487)
Volumetric expansion factor
without Cat. 54 (ASTM C1643)
with 5% Cat. 64 (ASTM C1643)
with 10% Cat. 75 (ASTM C1643)