Hydrophilic rubber based on of semi-vulcanised butyl rubber

  • Assimilates automatically to the shape of construction
  • For sealing of precast elements, shaft rings, channels as well as drains
  • For constrution joints
  • Adhering on concrete, metal, glass and synthetic materials
Aqua Tackseal

Technical Data
Rubber type solid rubber
Material basisbutyl rubber, semi-vulcanised
Spec. density (20°C)ca. 1,25 g/cm3
Shore A hardness ca. 50 (DIN ISO 7619-1)
Tensile strength ca. 1,0 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
Elongation at breakca. 1500 % (DIN EN ISO 527)
Water absorption ca. 250 Vol.% (DIN EN ISO 62)
Delay coating no