Hydrophilic rubber based on polyurethane

  • Economical solution for construction joints
  • For constrution joints in structural, civil and construction engineering
  • Made to measure is possible
Hydodeal P

Technical Data
Material basis polyurethane
Colourblue (other colours on request)
Spec. density (20°C)ca. 0,7 g/cm3
Shore A hardness ca. 25 (DIN ISO 7619-1)
E-modulusca. 0,9 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
Tensile strength ca. 0,4 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
Elongation at breakca. 90 % (DIN EN ISO 527)
Water absorbtion(DIN EN ISO 62)
Tap waterca. 450 Vol.%
4 % salt waterca. 160 Vol.%