Joint sealing systems

FIX-O-FLEX joint sealing systems are 1-component polymer coatings based on SPO (SPO = silane terminated polypropylenoxide) with special chemical and physical properties such as high chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, fuels etc., excellent weather resistance and ageing stability, high crack-bridging capability of at least 1.5 mm and excellent adhesion to concrete and steel even on moist surfaces.

Because of these properties FIX-O-FLEX joint sealing systems are often used in areas with chemical pollution such as roads, airports, sewage plants, sewer tunnels etc.

  • Strong crack bridging properties
  • High UV resistance
  • Reaction time adjustable
  • Can also be used on moist surfaces
  • Process even at low temperatures

Tramway rail joint sealing


Single-component self-levelling potting compound for permanently elastic sealing.


Reaction accelerator for FIX-O-FLEX mastic adhesive and sealing compound