Metal water stops

Special constructions according to your formwork and reinforcement plans immediately possible

FERROQUELL® and FERROTACK are waterstops which can be fixed to the upper reinforcement layer without requiring time-consuming concrete upturns.
The waterstops are 12, 15 or 17 cm high and can be delivered in 2 m strips or 20 m rolls. The reduced circumference in comparison with conventional waterstops is compensated by the coating of the waterstops. The coating of FERROQUELL® consists of stripes of a highly chemical resistant hydrophilic rubber which is to be arranged on the water-side. In addition, the end of the FERROQUELL® strip is provided with a vertical hydrophilic rubber strip which seals off the joint area between sections of the waterstop. The FERROTACK-waterstops are optionally furnished with a butyl coating either in stripes or entirely.

  • Taylor made solutions according to project possible

Recommended systems


Waterstop (black plate) with coating of hydrophilic rubber based on polychloroprene-/styrene-butadienerubber.

  • Beside creating a metal barrier the hydrophilic coating makes an active sealing
  • No need of concrete upturn or laborious reinforcement adaptation


Water stop with coating of butyl rubber.

  • Combination of metal barrier and active adhesion
  • No need of concrete upturn or laborious reinforcement adaptation

Metal waterstop roll

  • For sealing of construction joints in concrete structures



Water pressure tight connection

Befestigungs-Spange RKM 170

Cramp for fixing

Befestigungs-Spange Typ SF

Cramp for fixing

Befestigungs-Spange Typ KK

Cramp for fixing

Befestigungs-Spange Typ S

Cramp for fixing

Clip for fixing

Befestigungs-Spange Typ VF

Cramp for fixing


One component, hydrophilic sealing compound for bonding of hydrophilic rubber

Taylor made solutions