FERROLINK formwork and crack-control joint elements are a group of special sheet elements, which are used as permanent formwork. The range of FERROLINK sheet elements are fixed to the reinforcement construction and are not removed after concreting.
FERROLINK is used for shuttering of individual sections in concrete casting. In water burdened areas of the developed constructions joints sealing takes place by means of special FERROLINK elements, which have an incorporated a metal water stop available in different dimensions. Additional, FERROLINK can be equipped with a hydrophilic rubber water stop and/or with an injection hose system, resp. PVC, NBR, SBR or CR water stops.

  • Taylor made solutions according to project possible
  • According to DIN 1045
  • Integrated sealing systems in accordance with WU guideline or accordance with individual usage list

Recommended systems


Rough joint
Perforated panel (R6T9) as lost shuttering. Thickness: 1 or 2 mm


Interlocked joint
Perforated panel (R6T9) as lost shuttering. Thickness: 1 or 2 mm

FERROLINK ceiling / basement casing

Shuttering for casing basement to basement respectively ceiling to ceiling



corner element


baffle plate element


water pressure tight connection


One component, hydrophilic sealing compound for bonding of hydrophilic rubber

Befestigungs-Spange Typ VF

Cramp for fixing

Befestigungs-Spange Typ KK

Cramp for fixing

Clip for fixing

hose for bleeding air from injection hoses

Screw-in connection

Protective boxes