Solvent free, silane-based cream hydrophobic protective agent.

  • For concrete
  • Impregnation purposes against water, chlorides, de-icing salt and alkalis
  • Pores and capillaries does not clog, nor does it affects its ability to „breathe“
  • Crack bridging: waterproof up to 0.15mm / waterproof to incident rain up to 0.20mm

Substance data
Colourwhite to yellowish
Odourhardly noticeable
Spec. density (23°C)~ 0,9 g/cm3 (DIN EN ISO 2811-1)
Wirkstoffgehalt ~ 80 %
Solubility in water miscible
Processing temperature5 – 30°C (substrate temperature)
Depth of penetration ≥ 10 mm*
* depending on quality of concrete up to 60 mm