Plastic fibre reinforced fine concrete filler. Grain size: 0-0,3mm

  • For cosmetical repair of apparent or decorative concrete
  • Easy to apply (even overhead) also in very thin layer
  • Rapid setting
  • Low-chromate content according to directive 2003/53/EG
  • Can be applied with standard plastering machines (e.g. PFT G4 or Putzmeister MP25)

Substance data
Consistencysolid, powdery-granular
Colourgrey, light grey or white
Bulk density0,9 – 1,5 g/cm3
Solids content100 %
Maximum grain size≤ 0,3 mm
ph value11 – 13,5 (DIN EN ISO 10523)
Processing temperature5 – 30°C (substrate temperature)
Compr. strength(DIN EN 12390-3)
after 1 day~ 8 N/mm2
after 7 days~ 16 N/mm2
after 28 days~ 28 N/mm2