Single-component injection material based on extra-fine cement

  • For injection in cracks above 0.2 mm
  • For injection into grouting hoses
  • For stabilisation of concrete and brickwork

Substance data
Processing temperature5 – 30°C (substrate temperature)
pH value11 – 13,5 (DIN EN ISO 10523)
Max. grain size≤ 16 µm (d95)
Reaction data at 20°C
Pot-life~ 60 min
Start of setting~ 6 h
End of setting~ 9 h
Final curing~ 28 d
Hardened mortar properties
Adhesion to concrete >1,5 N/mm2 (DIN EN 1542)
E-modulus~ 15300 N/mm2
Compr. strength~ 40 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12190)