One component, hydrophilic sealing compound based on Polyurethane

  • For bonding of hydrophilic rubber onto uneven surfaces
  • For equalization of dimensional discrepancy during restoration of leaking expansion joints in combination with HYDROTITE® round profiles
  • For sealing of concrete pre-cast parts, e.g. manhole sections
  • For filling and sealing of annular gaps and pipe breakthroughs
  • for sealing joints, sectional and reinforcing steels, precast panels, shafts, annular gaps, pipe lead-throughs etc.
  • assembly paste for installing of FERROQUELL metal water stops

Substance data
Dyn. viscosity (23°C)app. 650 Pas (DIN EN ISO 2555)
Reaction data at 23°C
Processing temperature5 – 40°C (substrate temperature)
Tack-free timeapp. 30 min (ASTM C679)
End of foamingapp. 3 mm/24 h
Properties of cured mastic
E-modulusapp. 0,15 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
Tensile strengthapp. 0,75 MPa (DIN EN ISO 527)
Elongation at breakapp. 350 % (DIN EN ISO 527)
Shore A hardnessapp. 15 (DIN ISO 7619-1)
Water absorbtion(DIN EN ISO 62)
Tap waterapp. app 100 Vol.%