Slow-curing, rigid to viscoplastic two-component polyurethane resin with high mechanical properties especially for track ballast reinforcement in railroad construction.

TRACKFIX PUR offers a variable reaction time, which can be adjusted according to the amount of TRACKFIX CAT catalyst added.
Due to its low viscosity, it penetrates excellently into the track ballast to be consolidated.

  • Transitions from ballast superstructure to slab track
  • Suitable for full bonding as well as partial bonding I + II
  • Ballast slope protection
  • Protection against ballast flow
  • Protection against flying ballast
  • Protection during work on the track
  • Position stabilization and/or correction
  • Reduction of tamping intervals
  • Underpressing and fixing of sleepers
  • Easier cleaning of track ballast beds
  • Reduction of dust formation during operation

As a rule, the product is applied in dry to maximum matt-moist conditions. In principle, application is also possible with wet ballast/subgrade, but the product foams slightly on contact with water.

Misxing of A- and B-comp.
Processing temperature5 – 30°C (component temperature)
Mixing viscosity (23°C)~ 140 mPas (DIN EN ISO 2555)
Mixing ratio A : B1 : 1 (volume parts)
Reaction data at 23°C
Pot life~ 90 min (ASTM D7487)
Foam factor
without water contact1
with water contactca. 1,5 – 3
Final curing~ 24 h
Properties of the polyurethane resin
Compressive strength (7d) ~ 74 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12190)
E-modulus~ 2800 N/mm2 (DIN EN ISO 527)
Flexural strength~ 29 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12390-5)