Extremely fast reacting, from rigid to tough elastic, 2K polyurethane resin, which foams up in contact with water

  • For the sealing of highly pressurized water inflows with large volume flows, e.g. strong water inrush
  • For sealing of highly water bearing areas in soil, gravel, concrete or behind steel sheet pilings
  • For sealing and solidifying of soil and gravel
Mixture of A-and B-component
Processing temperature5 – 40°C (substrate temperature)
Viscosity of mixture (23°C)~ 120 mPas (DIN EN ISO 2555)
Mixing ratio A : B 1 : 1 (parts by volume)
Reaction data at 23°C
String gel time~ 0:45 min (ASTM D7487)
End of foaming~ 10 min
Properties after curing
Bending tensile strength~ 29 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12390-5)
Compressive strength~ 74 N/mm2 (DIN EN 12390-3)