Rapidly reacting, thixotropic 2-component silicate-based resin

  • rapid reaction
  • thixotropic (no flowing away, overhead processing possible)
  • very good adhesive properties
  • particularly rapid strength development
  • no mixing with water
  • cures unfoamed

Ideal for particularly fast and high-strength fastening of anchors such as injection drill anchors or GFK rod anchors in mining and tunnelling, even in challenging ground conditions

Safety is often a question of speed, especially when anchoring in challenging and even water-bearing soils. However, mineral grouts are very slow, require a lot of equipment and rinse away very easily in running water.

To show you how fast and high-strength you can work with our thixotropic SOLID SEAL TX in anchor grouting, we have thought up some experiments in our Technikum.
What do you think: How long does it take to lift a concrete block weighing over 1.2 tons on a freshly bonded anchor? Fifteen days? Fifteen hours? Or is SOLID SEAL TX even faster? Find out in our video!